A script to work with OCI Cost API (usage-api)

OCI has a great interface to gather Cost and Usage reports, but imagine that you have a tenancy with almost 300 compartments and you need to build a report with the cost by each one? I know that you can export the reports in PDF format(or CSV), but you will need to do some type […]

GoldenGate 23ai with Data Stream and AsyncAPI

GoldenGate 23ai introduces a powerful new feature called Data Streams, which leverages the AsyncAPI specification and you publish your trail file directly from GoldenGate(and you can specify the CloudEvents format), according to the documentation: Oracle GoldenGate Data Streams utilizes the AsyncAPI specification for defining asynchronous APIs. This approach enables applications to efficiently subscribe to data […]

Working with Oracle API for MongoDB, External Tables and Views

One of the best thing that Oracle Database is capable is to run various workload type using a single database “engine”, here we call it a Container Database, with every new release, Oracle adds more and more compatibility functions and the Oracle Database API for MongoDB is a combination of Oracle DB features plus Oracle […]

Network for OCI GoldenGate

New to deploying OCI GoldenGate and unsure about networking? No worries, this guide will walk you through some key points.

GoldenGate – Downstream architecture

How to extract data using GoldenGate without overloading your primary database or connecting to it directly You have received a request to extract data using GoldenGate, but your primary database is overloaded or you have a strong security posture that prohibits other applications besides your main application to connect to your database. How do you […]

How to take Immutable backups in Oracle Database

Some organizations need to comply with Government regulations about backup retention and protection, in OCI we have a feature called Retention Rule in Object Storage, combine this feature with the new version of RMAN opc module and we can achieve Immutability in Oracle backups (running in cloud or on premises). In this article I will […]

How to prepare for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Architect Associate (1Z0-1072-23) BR (Brazilian Portuguese)

This exam was my first Oracle Exam in Brazilian Portuguese, as a native Portuguese speaker, is nice to see this type of initiative from big companies. About the exam, I’m used to work in OCI Console using English language, so in some questions I spent time trying to translate terms from Portuguese to English. As […]

How to prepare for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Security Professional (1Z0-1104-23)

This exam was my first Hands-on Performance Exam and was very nice to take because it tests you against real life situations besides the usual multiple-choice questions, so be prepared to execute actions in OCI console. As stated in the exam page, is suggested to user to have at least 6 months of hands-on experience, […]

Goldengate – Initial Load para OSS/KAFKA

Nos meus outros posts sobre OCI Goldengate, falei sobre como configurar uma replicação entre um banco Oracle e o OSS/Kafka, nesse artigo vou demonstrar o procedimento para levar dados já existentes. Caso queira mais detalhes você pode consultar esse artigo: GoldenGate Microservices Initial Load Instantiation with WebUI Basicamente o que vamos fazer é: Criar um […]

OCI – Configurando OCI GG com GG4BIGDATA para escrever no Streaming

Esse post vai ser bem parecido com o que já escrevi aqui sobre como configurar o GoldenGate for Bigdata para escrever no Streaming, a diferença aqui é que vamos usar tudo como serviço, tanto o for oracle quanto o for bigdata. Arquitetura Registrando targets Com o lançamento do Goldengate Big Data como serviço, temos um […]

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